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StarBurn SDK 6.4.10 released!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:26 pm    Post subject: StarBurn SDK 6.4.10 released!

List of changes since last release:

- Added new and separated CD and DVD speed constants. Now the code is more human-readlable.

- StarPort interface code. StarBurn_StarPort_Xxx API and all of the related data types represented. Now StarPort DVD emulator is official part of the StarBurn SDK.

- StarBurn_StarPort_DeviceListGet(...) updated to care of new device list getting handling.

- StarBurn_UpStart changed to return EN_CALL_IS_OBSOLETE status. Initialization now must be done only with StarBurn_UpStartEx(...). For old license types added "not supported" MessageBox. This is done to prevent old license types from working (too meany leaked piracy versions around).

- Fixed bug with incorrect setting of GMT offset in ISO timestamp from Windows time zone info. Now created discs have correct time always.

- Added code to handle devices which cannot survive with BURN-Proof style protection enabled.

- Added some marking code to allow log tracing for devices wich cannot handle BURN-Proof enabled bit.

- Added workaround for SAMSUNG 348B device which cannot handle synchronize cache in asynchronous way.

- Added workaround for USB memory sticks which are recognized as devices and crash the library when reading TOC.

- Added track size correction for ISO9660/Joliet filesystem using ISO9660 volume descriptor and for UDF filesystem using partition descriptor when reading TOC.

- Fixed bug with importing tree nodes.

- Added MFC, Delphi and CBuilder GUI samples. Now we have 80% done with GUI samples! Last few ones for StarBurn itself would be added in the next minor release and we'll do a lot of work to have StarBurn.OCX also have a good collection of them.

- Added FAQ document. Most of the commonly-aked questions are not published in a separate PDF. Do read it before posting your question Smile

- Fixed some DVD-Video compatibility problems with stand-alone DVD players/



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