StarBurn SDK (Software Development Kit)

The following table lists macros in this documentation.

Define StarBurn.h to avoid including it more then once 
ASPI safe buffer size in UCHARs. ASPI is assumed to support at least 64KB large transfer per time. 64KB - PAGE_SIZE_IN_UCHARS was old default value. Now we'll use DVD_ECC_BLOCK_SIZE_IN_UCHARS as it's smaller and produce better results when dealing with DVD media 
Audio LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
Actually 4495.5 
2X Blu-Ray speed constant (BD-R and BD-RE) 
Default buffer status report delay in seconds 
10X CD speed constant 
12X CD speed constant 
16X CD speed constant 
1X CD speed constant 
20X CD speed constant 
24X CD speed constant 
2.2X CD speed constant 
2X CD speed constant 
32X CD speed constant 
36X CD speed constant 
3X CD speed constant 
40X CD speed constant 
44X CD speed constant 
48X CD speed constant 
4X CD speed constant 
52X CD speed constant 
6X CD speed constant 
8X CD speed constant 
Top supported CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD speed constant (wildcard) 
Default number of read retries during verification process 
Top number of SCSI devices per logical SCSI bus (was 15 originally) 
Disc is complete 
Disc is empty 
Disc is incomplete 
DVD ECC block size in logical blocks (2048 UCHARs each) 
DVD ECC block size in UCHARs. This is true "hardware" logical block size on DVD. It's recommended to have transfers of this size and this size aligned 
DVD with CPRM (Copy-Protected Removable Media) protection 
DVD with CSS (Content Scrambling System) protection 
DVD w/o any protection system 
12X DVD speed constant (DVD-R, DVD+R) 
16X DVD speed constant (DVD+R and DVD-R) 
18X DVD speed constant (DVD+R and DVD-R) 
1X DVD speed constant (DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM) 
20X DVD speed constant (DVD+R and DVD-R) 
2.4X DVD speed constant (DVD+R, DVD+R DL and DVD+RW) 
2X DVD speed constant (DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM) 
3X DVD speed constant (DVD-RAM) 
4X DVD speed constant (DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD+RW and DVD-RAM) 
5X DVD speed constant (DVD-RAM) 
6X DVD speed constant (DVD-RW) 
8X DVD speed constant (DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+R DL and DVD+RW) 
Bootable disc ID 
Bootable specification signature 
Real mode code load segment 
Custom bootable media emulation 
1.2 MB floppy bootable media emulation 
1.44 MB floppy bootable media emulation 
2.88 MB floppy bootable media emulation 
Hard disk bootable media emulation 
Non-bootable disc ID 
x86 platform identifier 
MAC platform identifier 
PowerPC platform identifier 
C2 and block error information 
C2 error information 
No error information 
Accept all LBs 
Accept only CDDA (CD digital audio) LBs 
Accept only MODE1 LBs 
Accept only MODE2 LBs (both Form1 and Form2) 
Accept only MODE2 Form1 LBs 
Accept only MODE2 Form2 LBs 
Hard disk LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
Both header and subheader 
4-byte header 
No header 
MODE2 Form1 or Form2 subheader 
ISO9660 date size in UCHARs 
ISO9660 file size in UCHARs 
ISO9660 name size in UCHARs 
ISO9660 volume descriptor system and volume ID size in UCHARs 
ISO9660 top supported file tree level 
Last session is complete 
Last session is empty 
Last session is incomplete 
MODE1 LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
MODE2 Form1 LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
MODE2 Form2 LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
MODE2 Form2 + 8 UCHARs of subheader LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
MODE2 Formless LB (logical block) size in UCHARS 
Top number of raw tracks (including maintenance tracks) on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD disc.
This is calculated based on the worst CD case when all tracks will be in a separate sessions. We need this approximate value to avoid allocating TOC_INFORMATION structure dynamically. 
Default number of retries on read operations (if bad block was possibly hit, was 2 originally) 
Subchannels from P to W 
Top number of tracks (or border-in/border-out zones) on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD disc 
Small page size in UCHARs on x86 machines (default allocatable storage) 
RAW LB (logical block) with PQ subchannel size in UCHARs 
RAW LB (logical block) with RAW P-W subchannel size in UCHARs 
RAW LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
Default read report delay in seconds 
SCSI disk device 
SCSI MO (Magneto-Optical) disk device 
SCSI jukebox (disc changer) device 
SCSI network device 
SCSI printer device 
SCSI processor device 
SCSI CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD device 
SCSI scanner device 
SCSI tape device 
SCSI device... Is gone! 
SCSI device any (wildcard for StarBurn_FindDevice() function) 
SCSI WORM (Write-Once-Read-Multiple) device 
Short (w/o sync and header) RAW LB (logical block) size in UCHARs 
Number of logical blocks on single layer DVD 
Default cache size for I/O operations 
Disc type is CDDA (CD-ROM or Digital Audio) 
Disc type is CDI 
Disc type is undefined 
Disc type is CD-ROM XA 
Own definitions and macros (begin) 
Loading mechanism type constants 
StarBurn smallest split file size in megabytes 
StarWave recommended I/O buffer size in UCHARs. It's *STRONGLY* recommended to use either it or multiplications of STARWAVE_IO_BUFFER_SIZE_IN_UCHARS as internal calculations and indexations are integer rather then float based 
StarPort device name size in UCHARs 
No subchannel 
PQ subchannel 
PQ subchannel size in UCHARs 
RAW P-W subchannel 
Raw P-W subchannel size in UCHARs 
R-W subchannel 
Subchannel size in UCHARs 
Special "invisible" track number 
Logical Unit region is set. Additional restrictions required to make a change 
No Logical Unit region setting 
Logical Unit region has been set permanently, but may be reset by vendor if necessery 
Logical Unit region is set 
UDF file set descriptor logical block address 
UDF file set descriptor terminator logical block address 
UDF head size in logical blocks 
UDF/ISO9660 bridge file system structures size in logical blocks (was 5 originally) 
UDF logical block size in UCHARs 
UDF longest name size in UCHARs 
UDF tail size in logical blocks 
WAVE file data alignment (4 UCHARs, 1 ULONG) 
WAVE file bits per sample 
WAVE file number of channels 
WAVE file DATA signature 
WAVE file RIFF signature 
WAVE file samples per second 
WAVE file TAG signature 
WAVE file WAVE format 
WAVE file WAVE signature 
Default write report delay in seconds