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Step 2


At the second step of the Disc Erasing Wizard specify the erasing options:

Select Erase disc in a fast way if you wish to clear the disc table of content only. Physically the information will remain on a disc, but it will not be visible when you explore the disc. The fast way is suitable in the most cases. Any new data can be written on a disc after it is erased in a fast way.

Select Erase disc in a full way if you wish to erase the data completely. In this case the data would be physically wiped from a disc. This method ensures the highest security and reliability. After a disc is erased in the full way, it is impossible to recover any data from it. In addition to that, during the full erasing you verify the quality of the disc media to ensure that there are no damaged or corrupted blocks on it.

If you wish the disc to be ejected after the erasing is complete, select the Eject disc after burning is complete check box.

Also you can select the erasing speed in the range, supported by your CD or DVD drive and disc media. It is recommended to reduce the erasing speed if the process fails on higher speeds.

Press Next to continue.