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StarPort iSCSI and ATA-over-Ethernet Initiator SDK

This software development kit is based on the StarPort, monolithic storage port driver for Microsoft Windows.

StarPort fully implements iSCSI and ATA-over-Ethernet client side protocols enabling you to connect to remote storage appliances such as disk arrays, tape drives and autoloaders, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD burners, DVD-ROM image libraries. In addition to network storage support StarPort comes with local DVD-ROM and hard disk drive emulation modules. StarPort SDK is an excellent starting point not only for implementing custom IP or Ethernet-based network storage solution, it's also suitable as the backbone for local virtual storage projects.


Key Benefits:

Fully Monolithic Design: StarPort does not depend on SCSIPORT, STORPORT or ISCSIPRT drivers. Complete IRP and SRB processing is done exclusively inside the StarPort storage port driver. No timer-initiated completion routines with 10 ms penalties, no DPC hacks, no thread context switches, no memory re-mapping or re-buffering. As a result lowest latency and highest transfer rate are reached.

Object Oriented Model: StarPort SDK completely isolates the storage device emulation code from interactions with the upper layer storage port driver implementation. A plug-in takes care of SCSI or ATA command processing. It's StarPorts job to deal with PnP, power management, WMI and all stuff like that. Thus the SCSI hard disk implementation is less then 1000 lines of C code; a fully functional SCSI DVD-ROM is a just over 2000 lines of C code.

iSCSI Support: Enables connectivity to both local and remote devices over a standard IP network, regardless of where the device resides; in the next room or on another continent. High performance TDI is used to communicate with TCP/IP stack. No third-party "kernel sockets" or wrappers are used.

ATA-over-Ethernet Support: Provides the same functionality as iSCSI in those environments where ATA-over-Ethernet technology is used. StarPort SDK comes with redistributable StarEther, custom NDIS protocol driver providing raw ethernet access functionality.

Target Platforms: Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista and Longhorn are supported. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the StarPort SDK are available.

Development Tools: Natively supports Microsoft ANSI C compiler built into Microsoft WDK (Windows Driver Kit). As StarPort SDK comes in complete source code, Windows Driver Kit is required to build the project.

Support, Updates and Customization Services: StarPort SDK comes with one year of FREE support and updates. Both off-line support via public forum and e-mail and on-line support via ICQ/MSN or our "LIVE HELP" system are included. Customization services, fast adoption and NRE work are also possible.

Years of Experience: Our iSCSI and ATA-over-Ethernet Initiator software development kit has been distributed through the Internet since 2001. StarPort SDK is currently being used by leading companies within their industries as a backbone for their flagship products: CD/DVD emulators, DLT, AIT & LTO image mounters, iSCSI off-load NICs, Web-based storage systems, snapshot management engines, encrypted disk drives, custom protocol SAN appliances etc.

Key Features:

  StarPort SDK comes with complete source code. You either develop a custom SCSI device emulation module as a built-in solution or create a kernel DLL or stand-alone export driver StarPort will call for SCSI or ATA command processing.

  StarPort serves virtual storage hardware using the cross-platform iSCSI and ATA-over-Ethernet protocols. At the same time StarPort is capable of emulating hard disks and DVD-ROM drives locally. All of these modules are shipped as StarPort SDK C sample source code.

  IPv4 and IPv6 supported.

  Custom high performance NDIS protocol driver providing raw ethernet access functionality is included with the StarPort SDK installation. You're free to use it for you own ethernet-based SAN solutions or as a sample for your own NDIS protocol driver development.

  iSNS integration for easy iSCSI targets look-up.

  IPsec encryption for secure tunelling of private data over insecure WAN IP connections. The entire session content is encrypted. Your company secrets and "know how" will stay secure even if you replicate data at the main site to another continent. With StarPort SDK you can also apply additional private key exchange and symmetric encryption schemes.

  CHAP authentication provides additional security.

  StarPort SDK also supports critical event logging to assist troubleshooting.

  Native 32-bit and 64-bit binaries for x86 and x64 machines.

  Fully conforms to the latest iSCSI Standard 1.0 (former Draft 20).

  Compatible with the latest version of AoE (ATA-over-Ethernet) protocol draft.

Supported Platforms:

StarPort SDK is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Longhorn.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

  Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 installed)

  800 MHz Intel Pentium III class processor

  512 MB of RAM

  10 MB of disk space for StarPort application data

  Shared disk volume for Windows installation, Windows swap file and StarPort executables

  Fast Ethernet connection

Recommended System Requirements:

  Windows Server 2003 (with Service Pack 1 installed)

  2 GHz Intel Xeon class processor

  4 GB of RAM

  1 GB of disk space for StarPort application data and log files

  Dedicated disk volumes for Windows installation, Windows swap file and StarPort executables

  Gigabit Ethernet connection

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