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Using StarBurn
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Audio Burner Wizard
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Image Builder Wizard
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Disc Eraser Wizard
StarPort Wizard

Image Builder Wizard

Welcome to Image Building Wizard dialog appears.



Press the Next button to continue.


Please specify the image file name you wish to create.



Press the Next button to continue.


Select the file system type to create. The default file system type is ISO9660 + Joliet UNICODE name extensions.  The other available file system types are: ISO 9660 Level 1 and ISO 9660 Level 2.



Press the Next button to continue.

If it is necessary to create bootable image you should check Create bootable image checkbox and provide floppy boot image.



Press the Next button to continue.


Create list of files and directories using Add File(s), Add Dir, New Dir, Rename, Remove and Remove All buttons. It is also possible to change the disc label - click the topmost folder, press Rename button and specify new disc label.



Press the Next button to continue.


Please review the options summary and make sure all of the options are correct ones (have been set by you on previous pages). If you need to make some changes press the Back button to toggle wrong settings.



Press the Next button to begin image file building.


Image file building is in the progress.



Press the Cancel button to cancel building or just wait for the process completion.


When image building is complete optionally you can save the log by pressing Save Log button. This option is useful when building problems occurred and you’d like to send failed operation log to the support.



Press the Next button to continue.


Completing the Image Builder Wizard dialog appears.



Press the Finish button to exit the wizard.



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