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Using StarBurn
The Main Menu
The File Menu
The Actions Menu
The Device Menu
The View Menu
The Settings Menu
The Help Menu
The Toolbar
The Tray Menu
Wizard Groups
Audio Group
Video Group
Data Group
Erase Group
StarPort Group
Audio Burner Wizard
Audio Grabber Wizard
Audio Compressor Wizard
Video CD and Super Video CD Wizards
DVD Video Wizard
DVD Decrypter Wizard
Blu-Ray Decrypter Wizard
Data Burner Wizard
Image Burner Wizard
Image Builder Wizard
UDF Image Mastering Wizard
Image Grabber Wizard
Disc Eraser Wizard
StarPort Wizard

The Settings Menu




Update checking

Configure checking for updates (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Never)

Simple Mode

If enabled, in any point of time only one instance of any wizard may be launched. When a wizard is launched the main window takes inaccessible state and becomes accessible when the wizard’s window will be closed. This mode is enabled by default if the SPTD driver is not installed or it was installed but the computer has not been rebooted yet.

Note: If you get errors in the wizard’s work you should produce this error in simple mode and then send report pressing the “Send Report” button on the last page of the wizard.



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